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Tabligbo to Tigoni: On Mission With An Awesome God


Tabligbo to Tigoni: An Incredible Journey with an Amazing God. This book will be very different from my other books because the actors are real and not fictional! It is a personal story taken from more than four decades of serving the Lord, most of those years in overseas roles as missionaries. Libby and I could have never imagined the life God had planned for us when we married in 1970. His call to missions in 1975, was the beginning of a career that spanned more than forty years of missionary service in West Africa, the Soviet Union, Europe, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Kenya. Tabligbo to Tigoni is not a travelogue, but rather a story about two ordinary people who served an extraordinary God. The journey and what happened along the way is a real one with lots of mountain tops and valleys. But, God was with us every step of the way!

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