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The Falcon's Sword


(Sequel to Dark Thunder)

International terrorism is a real and present danger for peace-loving peoples of our world. Terrible scenes of horrific destruction and human suffering are almost daily events and we are reminded that there are those who are willing and able to kill anywhere and at anytime. But in The Falcon's Sword we meet another kind of terrorist who uses his incredible skills as a cyber-hacker to take terrorism to a new and deadly level. The terrorist know as Falcon is driven by a burning hatred of Israel, Jews, and the United States and will stop at nothing to bring about their total destruction. All that stands between Falcon and his diabolical plans to wipe his enemies from the face of the earth is a team of the world's best anti-terrorism professionals. This team, Rolling Thunder, meets their match in The Falcon's Sword and will pay a terrible price before the arch-enemy of Israel and the United States is located and defeated.

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